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DLG files are based on BioWare's Generic File Format (GFF), and it is assumed that the reader of this article is familiar with GFF.

The V3.3 format, used in the game is backwards-compatible with Conversation Format V3.2, so I will only mention differences here.

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In addition to fields listed in Table 2.2.1 of Conversation Format, the following fields are also present:

GPActionDWORDAdditional action associated with this entry
GPActionParam1CExoStringParameter #1
GPActionParam2CExoStringParameter #2
GPActionParam3CExoStringParameter #3
InterlocutorCExoStringIn polylogs (dialogs between 3 or more persons), denotes a person to whom the phrase is addressed
ReqFlagListlist of Flag structruesFlags and their values to match for the entry/reply to be displayed
FlagsAfterListlist of Flag stucturesValues to set to the flags after the entry/reply is displayed
EmotionalStatelist of EmotionalState structuresEmotional state to set after displaying the entry
Rotate Towardslist of RotateTowards structures?

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ESCreatureCExoStringCharacter for setting the emotional state
ESNameCExoStringName of the emotional state to be set

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0No actionNot usedNot usedNot used
0Pay moneySumNot usedNot used
1Play "Drinking" mini-gameScript to execute on failureNot usedNot used
2Show signetName of the correct ringScript to execute for unknown signetNot used
3Give presentGood presentBad presentScript to execute for unknown gift
4"Dice". Not used.Not usedNot usedNot used
5Item storageNot usedNot usedNot used
6Open shop interfaceNot usedNot usedNot used
7FistfightMinimal betMaximal betWaypoint name prefix (only used in cn_cm_35fist01.dlg)
8SleepRoom priceNot usedNot used
9Play "Dice" mini-gameNPC to play withWin scriptLoose script
10Upgrade swordNot usedNot usedNot used
11BribeMinimal amountNot usedNot used

(this table was taken from "gameplayconv.2da" file)

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In addition to fields described in Table 2.2.3 of Conversation Format, the following field is also present:

ResponsesListList of Response structures?

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Seems to be connected with "Come back later" types of responses.


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