In order to make your spawnset appear in the game, you have to add it to the module and enable the spawnset with a script or with a quest.

In order to add a file to a module, open the module and click “module properties”. A small window opens on the right. Click on a Spawnset list, find your spawnset file and double click on it. Press “ok” and save the module. Now for the enabling the spawnset, you have to make a script that is being activated at the beginning of the module or you have to make a quest that also starts with the module. The script should look like this and you can add it to module as On Enter script:

void main()




If you want to activate your spawnset by quest, you have to add OnPhaseFinished Action “Enable spawnset” and put a spawnset name in a field “spn_resef”. When this quest phase is completed, the spawnset will be activated.

The procedure for getting an NPC to spawn using an NPC Story File is different; see Getting_an_NPC_Story_File_to_Spawn for that.

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