Djinni Wiki

function AddRunningEffect (object oTargetCreature, string sType, int nLevel, string sMedium, float fBaseIntensity = -1.0, float fStartDelay = 0.0, object oInitiator = OBJECT_INVALID, string sAbilities="")

Adds running effect of specified type/level [or intensity] (with possible start delay) to oTargetCreature. Level doesn't have to be specified explicitly, it can be done via base intensity (should be >= 0).

  • Return 1 if effect applied, 0 if not (invalid creature, immunity, etc)
  • oTargetCreature: target creature
  • sType: type of effect (i.e. "Stun")
  • nLevel: level of effect (valid only if fBaseIntensity === -1.0)
  • sMedium: medium of effect (i.e. "Silver")
  • fBaseIntensity: base intensity (-1 means that no calculation is intended, effect of specified level is applied)
  • fStartDelay: delay (in seconds)
  • oInitiator: effect initiator (can be OBJECT_INVALID)
  • sAbilities: comma-separated list of additional abilities used in calculation (ie. spell auto ability). If sAbilities is not empty, oInitiator must not be OBJECT_INVALID.

  • Return type: int
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn