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In this chapter you will learn how to create conversations. At least two characters must take part in a conversation (though there can be more than two). We can divide conversations into four types:

  • Quest conversations – Conversations which are linked to the plot of the game through a quest,
  • Dialog conversations – Standard conversations between two or more creatures who do not have any influence on the plot of the game,
  • Cutscene conversations – Conversations which take place during a cutscene (creating cutscenes is described in another chapter of this manual).
  • Overheard conversations - Conversations in which Geralt is an observer, not a participant.
  • Scripts for conversations - Areas where special scripts are needed in conversations.

In addition, we can add a so-called “gameplay” to a conversation. Gameplays are simply opportunities for a player to play dice poker, get into a fist fight, drink alcohol with another character or offer a bribe.

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