In this chapter we will deal with quest creation. These are mainly quests that the player gets from various characters that advance the plot. They can be quite varied, as you may have noticed while playing The Witcher. Quests may be about killing a monster, delivering an item somewhere or even escorting a character from one place to another. The type of quest depends on the player. Imagination is the limit.

Quests can be primary or secondary. Primary quests have influence over the game. Their completion is required to end the game. Secondary quests are side quests. They are not necessary to completed the game.

Each quest in The Witcher is divided into phases. There may be many phases, but every quest has at least two – a Quest Beginning, which starts the quest, and a Quest Completed, which ends it. Quests may be very simple, comprising just two phases, but they can also be very complex and have many phases, each with subquests. Quests you create can be added to one of the quest databases in order to keep things organized.

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