Djinni Wiki

RedFlame Team launched a basic character generation system that you can modify and use for mods at [1]. A very special thanks to Michal Madej and Kasia Kuczyńska for the fundamentals behind this system.  :)

The system allows you to choose from character types:

   * Dwarf Warrior
   * Human Knight
   * Human Sorceress
   * Witcher

Upon choosing the type, you are then presented with the option of setting up your custom build, or choosing a predefined class template. The templates go from Dwarf Berserker, to Fire Mage, and everything in between. Each type has a specialized weapon and gear to begin with, and some sort of special ability:

  • The Dwarven Warrior begins with an axe and the ability to cast Aard to stun and knock back enemies. He uses heavy armor.
  • The Human Knight begins with a hammer and the ability to cast Quen to defend himself when outnumbered. He also uses heavy armor.
  • The Human Sorceress begins with a dagger and the ability to cast Summoning to bring a pet to defend her as she wears no armor. She wields powerful magic. With the pet, the player can use the hotkeys (6,7,8) to summon/attack an enemy, control the pet (bring them back to sorceress), and destroy the pet to resummon.
  • The Witcher begins with a steel and silver sword, and the standard Witcher abilities. He uses medium armor.

Once the character is created, there is a doorway leading into a basic arena that has an unlimited amount of enemies to test them out. Something real quick, but hours of fun bashing down enemies. They are leveled, with basic creatures at entrance, and much more difficult enemies in the back so be warned.

Overall, this is a basic system that can be heavily modified and adjusted as time progresses. We plan to implement more features such as the ability to see the different character choices beyond just dialogue. This would allow the player to click them to choose which class they want. We also will expand to add a few other races and classes in the near future. A much more complete version of this will be found in the Arena mod that will be launched preferably at the end of this month.  :)