Djinni Wiki

Every adventure needs some adversaries, so let’s see how to create for example drowner template. First, you have to create new creature template (File > New > Template > Creature). In a First name tab just type “Drowner”. Now you have to think of some unique tag for your monster, e.g. “of_drown”. We have to add also a tag “drowner1_skin” if we want it to drop certain ingredients. Tag “monster” will cause the witcher’s medallion to vibrate when he goes near our drowner and tag “carrion” will make the monster vulnerable to the oil against carrions.

The important thing in any monster template is setting Profiles. If we want it to be hostile on sight, we have to set Attitude_Hostile and Enemy_Witcher. All the profiles with “Enemy” mean, that our drowner will attack every other creature, that has “Affiliation” with the same faction (e.g. Temeria). Profile Tactics_DoNotSurround is usefull if we doesn’t want a group of monsters to surround Geralt during the fight.

Now the difficult part – abilities. Every monster need some abilities that define how they attack. For our drowner we should choose cr_m_f_drowner that defines his basic attacks, finisher_aquatic, Wounded, HeavyWounded and LightWounded, so the drowner will act differently when he gets more and more damage. There are lots of other abilities, but these few will do for our monster.

The drowner will also need a weapon – in this case a natural weapon, meaning his claws. Open his inventory, click Weapons_and_armour and choose Natural weapon (if you don’t have this item in your catalogue, you can download it from here). Drag it to the right hand slot. Now we need to put into his inventory all the ingredients and other loot that the drowner drops. Let’s click on Potions_and_Ingredients and choose Drowner brain tissue.

And that’s all, now all you have to do is create a spawnset and add this template.