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To create a new Quest, click File, then choose New, Quest File

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A quest is comprised of phases. The quest begins when the Quest Beginning phase becomes active and ends when all the phases have been completed. When a player reaches a point in the game which has been selected by a given quest phase, the phase becomes active and the player can carry out the required actions (eg. talk to a NPC about a given subject, kill a monster, etc). When the player carries out the required actions, the phase becomes completed.

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In order to add a conditional phase (pict. 4), click the Quest Beginning phase with the right mouse button, then choose Insert Phase, Conditional Phase. The remaining types of phases are phases with subquests based on the condition “AND” (Subquests ‘AND’ Phase, pict. 5), on the condition “OR” (Subquests ‘OR’ Phase, pict. 6), on the condition ”separated OR” (Subquests ‘XOR’ Phase, pict. 7) and a phase with one subquest (Subquests ‘1 Subquest’ Phase).

Dodawanie fazy

Pict. 3. Adding quest phase.

When you add a phase, Djinni will ask you for its name. Remember that each name must be unique, there can’t be two phases with the same name!

Conditional phase

Pict. 4. Conditional Phase

In order for phases to be completed in the moments of the game which you have selected, you have to set conditions in each phase.

  • In the conditional phase a given phase is completed when all the conditions are met.
  • The 'AND' Phase is completed when all of the subquests meet their conditions and are completed.
  • The 'OR' Phase is completed when at least one of the subquests meets their conditions and is completed.
  • The 'XOR' Phase is completed when one of the subquests meets their conditions and is completed. The difference between the 'OR' Phase and the 'XOR' Phase is that in the case of the latter, starting any of the subquests (completing their "Quest Beginning" conditions) prevents any of the remaining subquests from starting. In the 'OR' Phase, all subquests are active until the whole phase is completed.

And phase

Pict. 5. ‘AND’ Phase

Or phase

Pict. 6. ‘OR’ Phase

Xor phase

Pict. 7. ‘XOR’ Phase