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Click: File > New > Template > Shop (shown in the picture below)


As a result the new window - New shop template - appears on the right


The most important things here are the options: On open store - where you enter swords_upgrades, and On Item Sold - where you enter swords_u_onsold. You can also fill in the Name and Comment fields. They are of no consequence to the game but it makes it easier for you to see what’s the purpose of the file. You can also add items here, the same way as it is done in the case of a Shop. It is worth remembering though, that there must be some room left for forging of the weapons Next, save the file on the disc:


Enter the file name and click on Save   Now you have to link Smithcraft with the character’s template.


Find the Store option in the character’s template. Enter the name of the smithcraft file in the right-side window or click on the right-side icon and choose a file from the list.

Tip: The default file is labeled swords_upgrades and it should work perfectly.

The next thing is to add the smithcraft option to the dialogue list of a given character (Sword Upgrade).


Click the dialogue line that will lead to the smithcraft with the left mouse button (the example marked in gray). Next, choose the Properties tab in the upper right corner and select the Gameplay option from the drop-down menu on the Conv Type (marked in blue).


The icon by the dialogue line will change and new options will appear in the Properties window. Set SwordUpgrade as the Action Type.