Djinni Wiki
  1. Download the program UnBIF
  2. Create a folder called UnBIF in C:\Program Files\The Witcher
  3. Run UnBIF, press select, navigate to C:\Program Files\The Witcher\main.key and press open.
    1. Note that this may be C:\Program Files\The Witcher\Data\Main.key on some installations.
  4. Press the All button on the left side, click Read then Press the All button on the right side. Next press Extract and navigate to C:\Program Files\The Witcher\UnBIF
  5. Wait a rather substantial bit of time
  6. Navigate to C:\Program Files\The Witcher\UnBIF\_cutscenes00
  7. Copy any .cut files you wish to use into your C:\Program Files\The Witcher\Data\Cutscenes folder
  8. Open D'jinni and add any cutscene files you wish to use into your module from the Resource Explorer
  9. Call the cutscene from a script. Ex. PlayCutscene("cs_nurse1_sex");

If you just want to call the card without the scene then use the following example:[]

RunClientLua ("g_GuiInGame:ShowInteractiveSplashScreen('sp_sex_nurse1')");

External Links[]

BIFRip - tk102's BIF Resource Extraction Utility

UnBIF - Another BIF Extraction Utility, from Csimbi