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The Generic File Format (GFF) is an all-purpose generic format used to store data in BioWare games. It is designed to make it easy to add or remove fields and data structures while still maintaining backward and forward compatibility in reading old or new versions of a file format. It is used in The Witcher as well.

Changes from V3.2[]

Language IDs: The Language IDs for LocStrings have been changed. The following replaces Table 2.2b in the Bioware GFF Documentation.

Language ID
Default (chosen by developer) 0
English 1
FinalEnglish 2
FinalEnglish_short (in-game) 3
Polish 5
German 10
French 11
Spanish 12
Italian 13
Russian (UTF-8) 14
Czech 15
Hungarian 16
Korean (UTF-8) 20
Chinese (Traditional, UTF-8) 21
Chinese (Simplified, UTF-8) 22

Note: This table was taken from "languages.2da" file. LangIDs 17-19, 23-28 are marked as "Reserved".

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