Djinni Wiki

function GetLastHostileActor (object oVictim=OBJECT_SELF)

Get the last object that was sent as a GetLastAttacker (), GetLastDamager (), GetLastSpellCaster () (for a hostile spell), or GetLastDisturbed () (when a creature is pickpocketed).

  • Note: Return values may only ever be:
  1. A Creature
  2. Plot Characters will never have this value set
  3. Area of Effect Objects will return the AOE creator if they are registered as this value, otherwise they will return INVALID_OBJECT_ID
  4. Traps will not return the creature that set the trap.
  5. This value will never be overwritten by another non-creature object.
  6. This value will never be a dead/destroyed creature

  • Return type: object
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn