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No. Model File name Name
131. Cr elf3 c1g1.jpg cr_elf3_c1g1 Elf I
132. Cr elf3 c2g2.jpg cr_elf3_c2g2 Elf II
133. Cr elf5 c1g1.jpg cr_elf5_c1g1 Elf III
134. Cr kmerc1 c1g1.jpg cr_kmerc1_c1g1 Dwarf I
135. Cr kmerc1 c2g2.jpg cr_kmerc1_c2g2 Dwarf II
136. Cr kmine1 c1g1.jpg cr_kmine1_c1g1 Dwarf III
137. Cr kmine1 c2g2.jpg cr_kmine1_c2g2 Dwarf IV
138. Cr mutan1 c1g1.jpg cr_mutan1_c1g1 Mutant
139. Cr naked3 c1g1.jpg cr_naked3_c1g1 Dryad
140. Cr naked4 c1g1.jpg cr_naked4_c1g1 Lady of the Lake
141. Cr scoia1 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia1_c1g1 Scoia'tael I
142. Cr scoia2 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia2_c1g1 Scoia'tael II
143. Cr scoia3 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia3_c1g1 Scoia'tael III
144. Cr scoia3 c2g2.jpg cr_scoia3_c2g2 Scoia'tael IV
145. Cr scoia5 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia5_c1g1 Scoia'tael V
146. Cr scoia7 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia7_c1g1 Scoia'tael VI
147. Cr scoia10 c1g1.jpg cr_scoia10_c1g1 Scoia'tael VII
148. Cr teju c1g1.jpg cr_teju_c1g1 Vodyanoi Priest
149. Cr yaev1 c1g1.jpg cr_yaev1_c1g1 Yaevin I
150. Cr yaev3 c1g1.jpg cr_yaev3_c1g1 Yaevin II
151. Cr ysgar1 c1g1.jpg cr_ysgar1_c1g1 Vodyanoi - Dagon Worshipper I
152. Cr ysgar2 c1g1.jpg cr_ysgar2_c1g1 Vodyanoi - Dagon Worshipper II
153. Cr ysgar3 c1g1.jpg cr_ysgar3_c1g1 Vodyanoi - Dagon Worshipper III
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