Djinni Wiki

Armor and Wearables[]


ID English Name Nom Français
it_witcharm_001 Witcher's clothes Habils de Sorceleur
it_witcharm_002 Studded Leather Jacket Veste de cuir clouté
it_witcharm_003 Excellent leather jacket
it_witcharm_004 Raven's Armor Armure de Raven (neutre)
it_witcharm_005 Raven's Armor Of The Order Armure de Raven (Ordre)
it_witcharm_006 Raven's Armor Of The Elves Armure de Raven Scoia'tael
it_witcharm_007 Armor 5c


ID English Name
it_magring_001 Red Ribbon
it_magring_002 Garlic
it_magring_003 Pouch of salt
it_magring_004 Rattle

Necklaces, Rings, etc.[]

ID English Name
it_bera_medall Berengar's Medallion
it_medalion_003 Eternal Fire Symbol
it_neckl_001 Silver Necklace
it_neckl_002 Silver Amber Necklace
it_neckl_003 Gold Necklace
it_neckl_004 Gold Ruby Necklace
it_neckl_005 Gold Diamond Necklace
it_ring_001 Silver Ring
it_ring_002 Silver Amber Ring
it_ring_003 Silver Ruby Ring
it_ring_004 Gold Ring
it_ring_005 Gold Sapphire Ring
it_ring_006 Gold Diamond Ring
it_ring_007 Silver Signet Ring
it_ring_008 Silver Ruby Signet Ring
it_ring_009 Gold Signet Ring
it_ring_010 Gold Ruby Signet Ring
it_ring_011 Eternal Fire Signet Ring
it_ring_012 City Guard Signet Ring
it_ring_013 The Prophet Lebioda's Signet Ring
it_ring_014 Illuminati Signet Ring
it_ring_015 House of the Night Signet Ring
it_ring_016 Royal Signet Ring
it_ring_017 Family Ring


Steel Swords[]

ID English Name Nom Français
it_stlswd_001 Witcher Steel Sword
it_stlswd_004 Witchers' Steel Sword
it_stlswd_005 Temerian Steel Sword
it_stlswd_006 Rusty Sword Epée rouillée
it_stlswd_007 Sword of the Order Epée de l'Ordre
it_stlswd_008 Illegal Sword Epée illégale
it_stlswd_009 Holy Sword of the Order
it_stlswd_010 Elven Sword of the Blue Mountains Epée Elfe des montagnes Bleues
it_stlswd_011 Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen Epée cérémoniale de Deithwen
it_stlswd_012 Mahakaman Rune Sihill
it_stlswd_013 Rune Sword From Dol Blathana
it_stlswd_014 Harvall Harvall
it_stlswd_015 Gwalhir Gwalhir
it_stlswd_016 D'yaebl D'yaebl
it_stlswd_017 Ard'aenye Ard'aenye
it_stlswd_018 Vaclav Grandfather Sword
it_stlswd_099 Ard'aenye Ard'aenye

Silver Swords[]

ID English Name
it_svswd_001 Witcher's silver sword
it_svswd_002 Witcher Silver Sword 2
it_svswd_003 Witcher Silver Sword 3
it_svswd_004 Witchers' Silver Sword
it_svswd_005 Aerondight
it_svswd_006 Moonblade

Note that there are several variations of Witchers Silver Sword.

Meteorite Swords[]

Sword b=Blue(bleu), r=Red(rouge), y=Yellow(jaune)

ID English Name Nom Français
it_stlswd_bbb Blue Meteorite Sword Epée de météorite Bleue
it_stlswd_rrr Red Meteorite Sword Epée de météorité Rouge
it_stlswd_yyy Yellow Meteorite Sword Epée de météorite Jaune
it_stlswd_bby Meteorite Sword (blue, blue, yellow) Epée de météorite (bleu, bleu, jaune)
it_stlswd_byy Meteorite Sword (blue, yellow, yellow) Epée de météorite (bleu, jaune, jaune)
it_stlswd_rbb Meteorite Sword (red, blue, blue) Epée de météorite (rouge, bleu, bleu)
it_stlswd_rby Meteorite Sword (red, blue, yellow) Epée de météorite (rouge, bleu, jaune)
it_stlswd_rrb Meteorite Sword (red, red, blue) Epée de météorite (rouge, rouge, bleu)
it_stlswd_yrr Meteorite Sword (yellow, red, red) Epée de météorite (jaune, rouge, rouge)
it_stlswd_yyr Meteorite Sword (yellow, yellow, red) Epée de météorite (jaune, jaune, rouge)

Rune Swords[]

Sword e=Earth, s=Sun, m=Moon

ID English Name
it_svswd_eee Rune Sword (Earth/Earth/Earth)
it_svswd_ees Rune Sword (Earth/Earth/Sun)
it_svswd_ess Rune Sword (Earth/Sun/Sun)
it_svswd_mee Rune Sword (Moon/Earth/Earth)
it_svswd_mme Rune Sword (Moon/Moon/Earth)
it_svswd_mmm Rune Sword (Moon/Moon/Moon)
it_svswd_sme Rune Sword (Sun/Moon/Earth)
it_svswd_smm Rune Sword (Sun/Moon/Moon)
it_svswd_ssm Rune Sword (Sun/Sun/Moon)
it_svswd_sss Rune Sword (Sun/Sun/Sun)

Short Weapons[]

Small Axes[]

ID English Name
it_saxe_001 Small Axe
it_saxe_002 Temerian Iron Axe
it_saxe_003 Temerian Steel Axe
it_saxe_004 Dwarven Axe From Carbon
it_saxe_005 Mount Carbon Dwarven Axe
it_saxe_006 Mahakam Dwarven Axe
it_saxe_007 Runic Axe from Carbon
it_saxe_008 Holy Axe Of The Order

Small Clubs[]

ID English Name
it_sclub_001 Temerian Battle Flail
it_sclub_002 Temerian Warhammer
it_sclub_003 Order Battle Hammer
it_sclub_004 Holy Battle Hammer Of The Order
it_sclub_005 Mahakam Battle Hammer
it_sclub_006 Stone Hammer
it_sclub_007 Light Club
it_sclub_201 Torch


These weapons can't be combined with witchers' fighting styles.

ID English Name Nom Français
it_dgr_001 Temerian Iron Dagger Dague en fer de Temeria
it_dgr_002 Temerian Steel Dagger Dague d'acier de Temeria
it_dgr_003 Assassin Dagger Dague d'assassin
it_dgr_004 Mahakam dagger Dague de Mahakam
it_dgr_005 Deithwen Dagger Dague de Deithwen
it_dgr_006 Mahakam masterdagger Dague Maître de Mahakam

Small Flails[]

ID English Name
it_sflail_001 Chain Mace
it_sflail_002 Kourbash

Heavy Weapons[]

Large Axes[]

ID English Name
it_laxe_001 Axe
it_laxe_002 Two-Handed Steel Axe
it_laxe_003 Mahakaman two-handed axe
it_laxe_004 Masterful two-handed axe of the Order
it_laxe_005 Mahakaman two-handed axe
it_laxe_006 Two-handed Iron Axe
it_laxe_007 Masterful Mahakaman two-handed axe
it_laxe_008 Mahakaman two-handed rune axe

Large Clubs[]

ID English Name
it_lclub_001 Order Mutant Warhammer
it_lclub_002 Two-Handed Morning Star
it_lclub_003 Heavy Club
it_lclub_004 Large Club (Smith's Hammer)
it_lclub_005 Large Club (Bandit Berserker)
it_lclub_006 Large Club (Bandit Leader)

Large Flails[]

ID English Name
it_lflail_001 Two-Handed Kourbash
it_lflail_002 Order Mutant Morning Star
it_lflail_003 Large Flail (Zoltan Chivey)
it_lflail_004 Large Flail (Bandits Leader)
it_lflail_005 Large Flail (Bandits Leader)
it_lflail_006 Large Flail (Bandit)
it_lflail_007 Large Flail (Boholt)



Sorted by ID Sorted by Name
ID English Name ID English Name
it_ingr_001 Cockatrice Feather it_ingr_153 Abomination Lymph
it_ingr_002 Golem's Obsidian Heart it_ingr_113 Albar's Crystals
it_ingr_003 Trace Of The Beyond it_ingr_029 Alchemical Paste
it_ingr_004 Frightener Claw it_ingr_034 Alchemists' Powder
it_ingr_005 Bonehead's claw it_ingr_168 Alghoul Marrow
it_ingr_006 Zeugl's Venom it_ingr_056 Allspice Root
it_ingr_007 Werewolf's Fur it_ingr_177 Alp Fangs
it_ingr_008 Dagon's Slime it_ingr_155 Archespor Juice
it_ingr_009 koshchey heart it_ingr_054 Balissa Fruit
it_ingr_010 Striga Heart it_ingr_028 Bear Fat
it_ingr_011 Vapors Of The Hunt it_ingr_166 Beast Fangs
it_ingr_012 Stones Of Ys it_ingr_167 Beast Liver
it_ingr_013 Death Dust it_ingr_061 Beggartick Flowers
it_ingr_014 Kikimore Queen Nerve it_ingr_069 Berbercane Fruit
it_ingr_015 Shimmering Powder it_ingr_032 Black Powder
it_ingr_016 Shadow Dust it_ingr_156 Bloedzuiger Blood
it_ingr_017 Bruxa Blood it_ingr_005 Bonehead's claw
it_ingr_018 Frightener Eye it_ingr_017 Bruxa Blood
it_ingr_026 Goose Fat it_ingr_067 Bryonia
it_ingr_027 Suet it_ingr_151 Cadaverine
it_ingr_028 Bear Fat it_ingr_105 Calcium Equum
it_ingr_029 Alchemical Paste it_ingr_053 Celandine
it_ingr_031 Saltpeter it_ingr_178 Cemetaur Jaw
it_ingr_032 Black Powder it_ingr_001 Cockatrice Feather
it_ingr_033 Zerrikan Mix it_ingr_055 Crow's Eye
it_ingr_034 Alchemists' Powder it_ingr_008 Dagon's Slime
it_ingr_051 White Myrtle Petals it_ingr_013 Death Dust
it_ingr_052 Hellebore Petals it_ingr_174 Devourer Teeth
it_ingr_053 Celandine it_ingr_180 Dog Tallow
it_ingr_054 Balissa Fruit it_ingr_162 Drowned Dead Tongue
it_ingr_055 Crow's Eye it_ingr_164 Drowner Brain Tissue
it_ingr_056 Allspice Root it_ingr_110 Ducal Water
it_ingr_057 Wolfsbane it_ingr_157 Echinops Rootstock
it_ingr_058 Ergot Seeds it_ingr_163 Ectoplasm
it_ingr_059 Feainnewedd it_ingr_058 Ergot Seeds
it_ingr_060 Green Mold it_ingr_059 Feainnewedd
it_ingr_061 Beggartick Flowers it_ingr_109 Fifth Essence
it_ingr_062 Fool's Parsley Leaves it_ingr_062 Fool's Parsley Leaves
it_ingr_063 Wolf's Aloe Leaves it_ingr_004 Frightener Claw
it_ingr_064 Mandrake Root it_ingr_018 Frightener Eye
it_ingr_065 Verbena it_ingr_171 Garkain Saliva
it_ingr_066 Hop Cones it_ingr_160 Ghoul Blood
it_ingr_067 Bryonia it_ingr_073 Ginatia Petals
it_ingr_068 Han Fibres it_ingr_102 Ginatz Acid
it_ingr_069 Berbercane Fruit it_ingr_002 Golem's Obsidian Heart
it_ingr_070 Honeysuckle it_ingr_026 Goose Fat
it_ingr_071 Sewant Mushroom it_ingr_159 Graveir Bone
it_ingr_072 Mistletoe it_ingr_060 Green Mold
it_ingr_073 Ginatia Petals it_ingr_068 Han Fibres
it_ingr_101 Sulfur it_ingr_052 Hellebore Petals
it_ingr_102 Ginatz Acid it_ingr_070 Honeysuckle
it_ingr_103 Wine Stone it_ingr_066 Hop Cones
it_ingr_104 Naezan Salts it_ingr_175 Kikimore Claw
it_ingr_105 Calcium Equum it_ingr_014 Kikimore Queen Nerve
it_ingr_106 Powdered Pearl it_ingr_009 koshchey heart
it_ingr_107 Pyrite it_ingr_115 Lunar Shards
it_ingr_108 Optima Mater it_ingr_064 Mandrake Root
it_ingr_109 Fifth Essence it_ingr_072 Mistletoe
it_ingr_110 Ducal Water it_ingr_179 Mutagen
it_ingr_111 Phosporus it_ingr_104 Naezan Salts
it_ingr_112 White Vinegar it_ingr_108 Optima Mater
it_ingr_113 Albar's Crystals it_ingr_161 Ornithosaur Eye
it_ingr_114 Quicksilver Solution it_ingr_111 Phosporus
it_ingr_115 Lunar Shards it_ingr_173 Pituitary Gland
it_ingr_151 Cadaverine it_ingr_106 Powdered Pearl
it_ingr_152 Spores it_ingr_107 Pyrite
it_ingr_153 Abomination Lymph it_ingr_114 Quicksilver Solution
it_ingr_154 Vodyanoi Scales it_ingr_031 Saltpeter
it_ingr_155 Archespor Juice it_ingr_071 Sewant Mushroom
it_ingr_156 Bloedzuiger Blood it_ingr_016 Shadow Dust
it_ingr_157 Echinops Rootstock it_ingr_015 Shimmering Powder
it_ingr_158 Wing Membrane it_ingr_152 Spores
it_ingr_159 Graveir Bone it_ingr_012 Stones Of Ys
it_ingr_160 Ghoul Blood it_ingr_010 Striga Heart
it_ingr_161 Ornithosaur Eye it_ingr_027 Suet
it_ingr_162 Drowned Dead Tongue it_ingr_101 Sulfur
it_ingr_163 Ectoplasm it_ingr_169 Tendons
it_ingr_164 Drowner Brain Tissue it_ingr_172 Toxin
it_ingr_165 Vodyanoi Bladder it_ingr_003 Trace Of The Beyond
it_ingr_166 Beast Fangs it_ingr_176 Tracheae
it_ingr_167 Beast Liver it_ingr_011 Vapors Of The Hunt
it_ingr_168 Alghoul Marrow it_ingr_170 Venomous Glands
it_ingr_169 Tendons it_ingr_065 Verbena
it_ingr_170 Venomous Glands it_ingr_165 Vodyanoi Bladder
it_ingr_171 Garkain Saliva it_ingr_154 Vodyanoi Scales
it_ingr_172 Toxin it_ingr_007 Werewolf's Fur
it_ingr_173 Pituitary Gland it_ingr_051 White Myrtle Petals
it_ingr_174 Devourer Teeth it_ingr_112 White Vinegar
it_ingr_175 Kikimore Claw it_ingr_103 Wine Stone
it_ingr_176 Tracheae it_ingr_158 Wing Membrane
it_ingr_177 Alp Fangs it_ingr_063 Wolf's Aloe Leaves
it_ingr_178 Cemetaur Jaw it_ingr_057 Wolfsbane
it_ingr_179 Mutagen it_ingr_033 Zerrikan Mix
it_ingr_180 Dog Tallow it_ingr_006 Zeugl's Venom


ID English Name Nom Français
it_potion_002 White Gull Mouette immaculée
it_potion_003 Tawny owl Chat-huant
it_potion_004 Swallow Hirondelle
it_potion_005 White Honey Miel blanc
it_potion_006 Wives' Tears Larmes d'épouse
it_potion_007 Perfume Parfum
it_potion_008 Golden Oriole Loriot doré
it_potion_009 Maribor Forest Forêt de Maribor
it_potion_010 White Raffard's Decoction Décocté de Raffard le Blanc
it_potion_011 Wolverine Glouton
it_potion_012 Petri's Philter Philtre de Petri
it_potion_013 Cat Chat
it_potion_014 Fisstech Fisstech
it_potion_015 Potion for Triss Elixir pour Triss
it_potion_016 Shrike Pie-grièche
it_potion_017 Wolf Loup
it_potion_018 Kiss Baiser
it_potion_019 Blizzard Blizzard
it_potion_020 Black Blood Sang noir
it_potion_021 Bindweed Liseron
it_potion_022 Full Moon Exelcio
it_potion_023 Thunderbolt Tonnerre
it_potion_024 Willow Saule
it_potion_025 De Vries' Extract Infusion de vries
it_potion_101 Dagon Sap Elixir de sécrétions de Dagon
it_potion_102 Werewolf's Wrath Elixir de Loup-garou
it_potion_103 Kikimore's Ire Elixir de courroux de Kikimorrhe
it_potion_104 Golem's Pith Elixir de coeur de Golem
it_potion_105 Frightener Eye Potion Elixir d'oeil d'Epouvanteur
it_potion_106 Hellhound Potion Elixir de Cerbère
it_potion_107 Striga Heart Potion Elixir inspiration de Strige
it_potion_108 Koshchey Heart Potion Elixir de coeur de Koshchey
it_potion_109 Zeugl Venom Potion Elixir de venin de Zeugle
it_potion_152 Viziman Champion

Oils and Weapon Enhancements[]

ID English Name Nom Français
it_grease_001 Specter Oil Huile contre les Spectres
it_grease_002 Blade grease
it_grease_003 Hanged Man's Venom Venin du pendu
it_grease_004 Argentia Argentia
it_grease_005 Crinfrid Oil Huile de Crinfrid
it_grease_006 Brown Oil Huile brune
it_grease_007 Ornithosaur Oil Huile d'Ornithosaure
it_grease_008 Necrophage Oil Huile de Nécrophage
it_grease_009 Vampire Oil Huile de Vampire
it_grease_010 Insectoid Oil Huile d'Insecte
it_grease_011 Unknown Oil Huile inconnue
it_grease_012 Useless Oil Huile inutile
it_grease_019 Whetstone Pierre à affûter
it_grease_020 Grindstone Meule
it_grease_021 Diamond Dust Poussière de diamand
it_grease_022 Vodon Rune Stone Pierre de Rune Wodo
it_grease_023 Svarog Rune Stone Pierre de Rune Svarog
it_grease_024 Perun Rune Stone Pierre de Rune Perun


ID English Name
it_bomb_001 King and Queen
it_bomb_002 Devil's Puffball
it_bomb_003 Zerrikanian Sun
it_bomb_004 Sanum
it_bomb_005 Dragon's Dream
it_bomb_006 King and Queen

Yes, King and Queen has more than one item number



ID English Name
it_food_001 Honeycomb
it_food_002 Dried Fruit And Nuts
it_food_003 Candy
it_food_004 Sugar doll
it_food_005 Mutton Leg
it_food_006 Chicken leg
it_food_007 Bread
it_food_008 Bread Bun
it_food_009 Ham sandwich
it_food_010 Chicken sandwich
it_food_011 Chicken
it_food_012 Pork
it_food_013 Watermelon
it_food_014 Grapes
it_food_015 Pear
it_food_016 Strawberries
it_food_017 Raspberries
it_food_018 Blueberries
it_food_019 Dried Fruit
it_food_020 Cheese
it_food_021 Wyvern Meat
it_food_022 Wyvern Egg
it_food_023 Cheese
it_food_024 Cheese

Non-Alcholic Drinks[]

ID English Name Nom Français
it_drink_201 Bottled Water Bouteille d'eau
it_drink_202 Apple Juice Jus de pomme
it_drink_203 Raspberry Juice Jus de Framboise
it_drink_204 Goat's Milk Lait de Chèvre
it_drink_205 Cow's Milk Lait de Vache
it_drink_701 Bottled water Bouteille d'eau
it_drink_702 Apple Juice Jus de Pomme
it_drink_703 Raspberry Juice Jus de Framboise
it_drink_704 Goat's Milk Lait de Chèvre
it_drink_705 Cow's Milk Lait de Vache


ID English Name Nom Français Alcohol Strength Potion Base
it_drink_001 Vizima Champion Bière Championne de Wizima Weak
it_drink_002 Kaedwenian Stout Weak
it_drink_003 Rivian Kriek Kriek de Rivian Weak
it_drink_004 Redanian Lager Weak
it_drink_005 Cintrian Faro Weak
it_drink_006 Toussaint Red Wine Vin rouge de Toussaint Medium
it_drink_007 Beauclair White Wine Medium
it_drink_008 Mettina Rose Wine Vin rosé de Mettina Medium
it_drink_009 Mahakam Mead Medium
it_drink_010 Sodden Mead Medium
it_drink_020 Local Pepper Vodka Vodka au poivre local Strong Normal
it_drink_021 Nilfgaardian Lemon Vodka Strong Normal
it_drink_022 Temerian Rye Vodka Strong Normal
it_drink_023 Soldier's Hooch Strong Normal
it_drink_024 Redanian Herbal Vodka Vodka à l'herbe de Redania Strong Normal
it_drink_030 Dwarven Spirit Alcool de Nain Strong High Quality
it_drink_031 Cherry Spirit Cordial Strong High Quality
it_drink_032 Plum Cordial Strong High Quality
it_drink_033 Temerian Spirit Alcool de Temeria Strong High Quality
it_drink_034 Zerrikan Spirit Alcool de Zerrikania Strong High Quality
it_drink_040 Wyvern Blood Spirit Alcool de sang de Wyvern Strong Top Quality
it_drink_041 Wormwood Spirit Strong Top Quality
it_drink_042 Mandrake Cordial Strong Top Quality
it_drink_050 Alcohest Strong Top Quality
it_drink_051 Azoth Strong Top Quality

Other Items[]

Books, Scrolls, and Scrolls[]

ID English Name Nom Français
it_scroll_006 Letter from Triss delivered by Dandelion.
it_scroll_007 Letter from Shani, delivered by Dandelion.
it_scroll_008 The Secret Gates, Ransant Alvaro
it_scroll_009 Ain Soph Aur
it_scroll_010 Letter for Knight Eric.
it_scroll_101 Argentia's formula
it_scroll_102 Book of Swallow
it_scroll_105 Book of Tawny Owl
it_scroll_106 Book of Oriole
it_scroll_107 Book of Kiss
it_scroll_108 Book of Wolverine
it_scroll_109 Book of Thunder
it_scroll_110 Zerrikanian Alchemy
it_scroll_111 Secrets of southern masters
it_scroll_112 Dragon's Dream
it_scroll_113 Samum
it_scroll_114 White Raffard's Decoction
it_scroll_115 Recipe for the De Vries' Extract
it_scroll_116 Recipe for Maribor Forest
it_scroll_117 Recipe for Petri's Philter
it_scroll_118 Recipe for Hanged Man's Venom
it_scroll_150 Frightener's Eye
it_scroll_151 Hellhound's Soul
it_scroll_152 Golem's Pith
it_scroll_153 Werewolf's Wrath
it_scroll_154 Kikimore's Ire
it_scroll_155 Dagon Sap
it_scroll_156 Striga's Urge
it_scroll_157 Koshchey's Core
it_scroll_158 Zeugl Vigor
it_scroll_201 Monstrum or Witcher's Description
it_scroll_202 Shadow People', or the Story of His majesty's Secret Service
it_scroll_203 The story of Lara Dorrend and Cragen of Lod
it_scroll_204 Lara's Gift
it_scroll_205 Metamorphosis and Transformations, by Adalbertus Aloysius Kalkstein
it_scroll_206 Flower and Flame by Knight Eric Voge
it_scroll_207 Conjunction of Spheres
it_scroll_208 History of the World, part II
it_scroll_209 Recent History
it_scroll_210 An Invitation to Magic
it_scroll_211 Forensic Medicine
it_scroll_212 Zerrikan Insects and Other Vermin
it_scroll_213 A Guide to Vizima
it_scroll_214 Foreign Lands
it_scroll_215 Sorceresses and Sorcerers
it_scroll_216 The Kingdom of Temeria
it_scroll_217 Against Nonhumans
it_scroll_218 Cults and religions of the Nordlings
it_scroll_219 Basics of Alchemy
it_scroll_220 Ars Amandi
it_scroll_221 The Aftermath of the War
it_scroll_222 Fairytales and Stories
it_scroll_223 Ballads
it_scroll_224 Diary of a Dice Collector
it_scroll_225 Disenchanting a Striga
it_scroll_226 Elder Blood
it_scroll_227 Ithlinne's Prophecy
it_scroll_228 The Double Cross of Alzur
it_scroll_229 The Rivian Pogrom
it_scroll_230 The Temptation of Fire (?)
it_scroll_231 Hymns of Madness and Despair
it_scroll_301 Swamp Monsters
it_scroll_302 A Description of the Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople
it_scroll_303 Ornithosaurs
it_scroll_305 Specters, Wraiths, and the Damned
it_scroll_306 Barghests
it_scroll_307 The Wonderful World of Insectoids
it_scroll_308 Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume I
it_scroll_309 Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume II
it_scroll_310 On Curses and the Cursed
it_scroll_311 Experiment Notes
it_scroll_312 Greater Brothers
it_scroll_313 The Book of Animals
it_scroll_314 The Last Wish
it_scroll_315 The Frightener
it_scroll_316 The Road of No Return
it_scroll_317 The Disease of Civilization
it_scroll_318 Animating the Inanimate
it_scroll_319 Physiologus
it_scroll_325 Field Plants
it_scroll_326 Subterranean Plants
it_scroll_327 Swamp Plants
it_scroll_328 Ritual Plants
it_scroll_329 Plants of Barren Lands
it_scroll_330 Feainnewedd
it_scroll_331 Druids' herbarium
it_scroll_332 A Small Book of Minerals
it_scroll_333 Major Book of Minerals
it_scroll_334 The Barghest Contract
it_scroll_335 The Drowner Contract
it_scroll_336 ***** Contract
it_scroll_337 ***** Contract
it_scroll_338 ***** Contract
it_scroll_339 ***** Contract
it_scroll_340 ***** Contract
it_scroll_341 ***** Contract
it_scroll_342 ***** Contract
it_scroll_343 ***** Contract
it_scroll_344 ***** Contract
it_scroll_345 ***** Contract
it_scroll_346 ***** Contract
it_scroll_347 ***** Contract
it_scroll_348 ***** Contract
it_scroll_349 ***** Contract
it_scroll_350 ***** Contract
it_scroll_351 ***** Contract
it_scroll_352 ***** Contract
it_scroll_353 ***** Contract
it_scroll_354 ***** Contract
it_scroll_355 ***** Contract
it_scroll_356 ***** Contract
it_scroll_357 ***** Contract
it_scroll_358 ***** Contract


ID English Name
it_gem_001 Amber
it_gem_002 Sapphire
it_gem_003 Ruby
it_gem_004 Diamond
it_gem_005 Diamond

Gifts and Misc Items[]

ID English Name Nom Français
it_other_006 Orens
it_other_007 Red Roses Roses Rouges
it_other_008 White Roses Roses Blanches
it_other_009 Yellow Roses Roses jaunes
it_other_010 Tulips Tulipes
it_other_011 Orchids Orchidées
it_other_012 Daisies
it_other_013 Red Shawl Châle Rouge
it_other_014 Gold Shawl Châle Doré
it_other_015 Red Gloves Gants rouges
it_other_016 Gold Gloves Gants Dorés
it_other_017 Shawl Châle
it_other_018 Barghest Skull Crâne de Barghest
it_other_019 Wolf Skin Peau de Loup
it_other_020 Fleder Fangs
it_other_021 Basilisk Hide
it_other_022 Chitinous Carapace
it_other_023 Salamander Brooch
it_other_024 Flint
it_other_025 Squirrel tail
m0_it_sclub10* Torch Flambeau

  • The torch that looks and acts like a torch is found under "Weapons and Armor" and is named as if it were a club. The torch that's found under "Other" and is named like a torch (m0_it_torch01) doesn't look or function like one.


ID English Name
it_key_001 Leuvaarden's key
it_key_002 Scheffer's key
it_key_003 Grabek's key
it_key_004 Pograbek's key
it_key_005 Reverand's key
it_key_006 Haren's key
it_key_007 Ferner's key
it_key_008 Teterer's key
it_key_018 Key to the crypt
it_key_019 Key to Salamandra's hideout
it_key_020 Key to Adam's room
it_key_021 Azar's key
it_key_022 Key to the sewers
it_key_023 Key to the cellar
it_key_024 Old Key to Sewers
it_key_025 Key to Grand Master Room
it_key_026 Key to the hut
it_key_027 Key of the Lionhead Spider
it_key_028 Inn Gate Key
it_key_29 Key belonging to King Foltest
it_key_q2107_001 Key to Ramsmeat's house
it_key_q2130_001 Key to the cementery
it_key_q2130_002 Key to the crypt
it_key_q3005_001 Horold's key
it_key_q3013_001 Key to Salamandra Base
it_key_q3016_001 Angus' key
it_key_q3016_002 Bandit's key
it_key_q3042_001 Key to the town hall
it_key_q3042_002 Key to the storehouse
it_key_q3051_001 Key to the guard storehouse

Quest Items[]

ID English Name
it_quest_000 Q_item
it_quest_108 Arrest warrant
it_quest_114 Bandit' letter
it_quest_116 Bandit's package
it_quest_117 Split Salamander Brooch
it_quest_121 ???
it_quest_121a Key to the sewers
it_quest_122 Yaevinn's letter
it_quest_123 Vivaldi's Letter
it_quest_124 Key to the sewers
it_quest_125 Maal'kad Sephirah
it_quest_126 Veen'ah Sephirah
it_quest_127 Ghe'vrath Sephirah
it_quest_128 Oth Sephirah
it_quest_129 Keth'aar Sephirah
it_quest_130 Chocc'mah Sephirah
it_quest_131 Kezath Sephirah
it_quest_132 Tipperath Sephirah
it_quest_133 Y'esath Sephirah
it_quest_134 Neh'tza Sephirah
it_quest_135 Glean Enid
it_quest_136 Anti-illusion philter
it_quest_137 Tower Tarot card
it_quest_138 Lighting Rod
it_quest_139 Key to the box
it_quest_140 Family ring of a worried merchant
it_quest_141 Combustible mixture
it_quest_142 Tower mage's book
it_quest_143 ???
it_quest_144 ???
it_quest_145 ???
it_quest_148 Holy Flame
it_quest_149 Isa's beads
it_quest_150 Vodyanoi amulet
it_quest_151 Dandelion Lute
it_quest_152 Letter of recommendation (Salamandra terrain)
it_quest_153 Dwarf's treasure
it_quest_154 Lycanthropy cure
it_quest_155 Sapphire with an air bubble inside
it_quest_156 Letter from Gellert Bleinheim
it_quest_157 Salamnder Documents
it_quest_158 Grandma's cordial
it_quest_159 Grandma's pickles and lard
it_quest_160 Grandma's Diary
it_quest_161 Blood-stained letter
it_quest_162 Coating of Spurge Root
it_quest_163 Witcher's medallion
it_quest_164 Berengar's notes on the Beast
it_quest_165 Key to Salamandra code
it_quest_166 Encrypted document
it_quest_167 Decrypted document
it_quest_168 Royal letter of safe conduct
it_quest_169 Letter of safe conduct (Vizima)
it_quest_170 Psilocybe (Hallucinogenic mushroom)
it_quest_171 Mysterious note
it_quest_172 Seeing Stone
it_quest_175 Shard of Alina's mirror
it_quest_176 Alina's broken mirror
it_quest_177 Dimeritium amulet
it_quest_178 Magic sensor
it_quest_179 Vodyanoi ring
it_quest_180 Gramps' diamond
it_quest_181 Alabaster figurine
it_quest_182 Gold bracelet
it_quest_183 The Lady of the Lake's Ruby
it_quest_184 Golden Calf (statue)
it_quest_185 Alinas Wreath
it_quest_186 Priest's staff
it_quest_187 A piece of paper
it_quest_188 Professor's Report
it_quest_189 Ostrit's journal
it_quest_190 Secrets stolen from Kaer Morhen
it_quest_191 Glass Vial
it_quest_192 Wreath of Forget-Me-Nots
it_quest_193 Turquoise necklace
it_quest_194 Human remains
it_quest_195 Four-leaved Clover
it_quest_196 Cat harness
it_quest_197 Yellow Milk
it_quest_198 Receipt
it_quest_199 Dice Box
it_quest_200 Bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator
it_quest_201 St. Gregory's Litany
it_quest_202 Magic Formula
it_quest_203 Piece of armor
it_quest_204 Remains of the Raven's Armor
it_quest_205 Royal edicts
it_quest_206 Famous boxer's tooth
it_quest_207 Notes of an elven minstrel
it_quest_208 Pass from City Militia
it_quest_209 Pass from City Militia
it_quest_210 Catoblepas meat
it_quest_211 Vizima cemetery pass
it_quest_212 Brooch (Star in a Triagle)
it_quest_213 List of Suspects
it_quest_214 Teleporting Crystal
it_quest_215 Letter from Triss
it_quest_216 Letter from Shani
it_quest_218 Letter to Triss
it_quest_219 Letter to Triss
it_quest_220 Letter to Triss
it_quest_221 Letter to Triss
it_quest_222 Letter to Shani
it_quest_223 Letter to Shani
it_quest_224 Letter to Shani
it_quest_225 Letter to Shani
it_quest_226 The Professor's letter, ready to send
it_quest_228 Werewolf's pelt
it_quest_229 List of Suspects
it_quest_230 Berengar'S Notes On The Beast


ID English Name
it_trophy_001 Head of Vodianoi Priest
it_trophy_002 Alghoul Head
it_trophy_003 Cocatrixe's Head
it_trophy_004 Wolf's Head
it_trophy_005 Female Wywern Head
it_trophy_006 Cementaur's Head
it_trophy_007 Archespore's Roots
it_trophy_008 Garkain's Head
it_trophy_009 Bruxa's Head
it_trophy_010 Drowned Dead's Head

Upgrade Components[]

ID English Name
it_upgrcomp_001 Red Meteorite
it_upgrcomp_002 Blue Meteorite
it_upgrcomp_003 Yellow Meteorite
it_upgrcomp_004 Sun Rune
it_upgrcomp_005 Earth Rune
it_upgrcomp_006 Moon Rune