Djinni Wiki

function MusicIncidentalPlay (object oArea, int nTrack, int nFadeOutTime = 0, int nFadeInTime = -1, int bWaitForFadeOut = FALSE)

Plays incidental music track

  • oArea: current area
  • nTrack: track number in ambientmusic.2da
  • bWaitForFadeOut: TRUE means that first track will fade out (in nFadeOutTime ms), then new track will fade in (in nFadeInTime ms) FALSE means that tracks will crossfade (in nFadeOutTime ms)
  • nFadeOutTime: fade out time of previous track or crossfade time (in milliseconds)
  • nFadeInTime: fade in time of new track (if crossfade is disabled)
  • Return type: void
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn