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General purpose[]

The notion of queue while scripting for The Witcher is close to be the same as the one used in NeverWinter Nights. The queue works like a First In First Out (FIFO) stack, all actions queued are executed in the order they are queued).


Let's consider this short script :

// Geralt
object SDPLAYER = GetFirstPC();
// Displays 'Hello World' above Geralt's head
AssignCommand(SDPLAYER,SpeakString("Hello World"));
// Make Geralt drink a beer
// Displays 'Cheers !!!' above Geralt's head
AssignCommand(SDPLAYER,SpeakString("Cheers !!!"));

Here the queue will contain the following three actions and the order they will be fired :

1. "Hello World"
2. Drink
3. "Cheers !!!"

This way Geralt will drink before saying "Cheers !!!" which is really a bad idea ^^ thus

object SDPLAYER = GetFirstPC();
AssignCommand(SDPLAYER,SpeakString("Hello World"));
AssignCommand(SDPLAYER,SpeakString("Cheers !!!"));

is better !!

Queuing Functions[]

  • All the functions that starts with Action* are subject to queuing their actions into the queue and see them executed at their turn.
  • Most of the queuing functions have also a non queuing version that immediately executes the action whatever the elements in the queue and discards them.

Example :

  • Most of the function are working this way except some special one.

Example of Classical Queuing functions[]

  • ActionPlayAnimation
  • ActionSpeakString
  • ActionCastSpellAtObject
  • Etc.

Special queuing functions[]

This set of function will be filled with time.

  • ActionJumpToLocation
// The subject will jump to lLocation instantly (even between areas).
// If lLocation is invalid, nothing will happen.
void ActionJumpToLocation(location lLocation);

This action will be queued as first element on the stack to be fired ! All other actions still exists but will be fired after.

  • ClearAllActions
// Clear all the actions of the caller.
// * No return value, but if an error occurs, the log file will contain
// "ClearAllActions failed.".
// - nClearCombatState: if true, this will immediately clear the combat state
// on a creature, which will stop the combat music and allow them to rest,
// engage in dialog, or other actions that they would normally have to wait for.
void ClearAllActions(int nClearCombatState=FALSE, object oSubject=OBJECT_INVALID);

Clears the queue of a given character. Useful function to clear the queue and force the execution of a given action.

  • It is to be noted that moving Geralt while doing an animation break the current animation, and for the move in most cases, discarding all elements from the queue.

Action assigning[]

Last but not least, action must be assigned to PC or NPCs to be correctly queued. Function AssignCommand do that job :

// Assign aActionToAssign to oActionSubject.
// * No return value, but if an error occurs, the log file will contain
// "AssignCommand failed."
// (If the object doesn't exist, nothing happens.)
void AssignCommand(object oActionSubject,action aActionToAssign);