Djinni Wiki

It is now time to start the module and see how it works. One of the best functions of the D’jinni Editor is the ability to start the game from the editor level. I don’t need to tell you how much time this saves, especially if you need to start the game often. In addition, the D’jinni Editor is equipped with many tools useful for testing the game. More about this in a minute.

Now let’s start the module. To do this, select Play from the Game menu:


You can also press F5. If you want to start the module in fullscreen mode rather than in the editor window, select Fullscreen from the Game menu before starting the game:


Starting the game in fullscreen is not necessary, however. You can also switch between the editor window and fullscreen by pressing ALT + ENTER after the game has started. Once the module has started, the standard title screen from The Witcher will appear:


To start the module, select New game -> Choose game mode:


Click on the name of the module (“Our new adventure”) on the list of available modules, then click on Load adventure:


Select a difficulty level:


Finally, select a steering method. When working with the editor, the mouse-controlled steering method is recommended:


This will allow you to operate from the Editor menu as well as from the game itself, which is very useful. During the game itself you can switch between steering methods by using the F1, F2 and F3 buttons.

Now we should see the new module and Geralt, of course:


What remains is for us to test our module.