Djinni Wiki

function SetAILevel (object oTarget, int nAILevel)

Sets the current AI Level of the creature to the value specified. Does not work on Players. The game by default will choose an appropriate AI level for creatures based on the circumstances that the creature is in. Explicitly setting an AI level will over ride the game AI settings. The new setting will last until SetAILevel is called again with the argument AI_LEVEL_DEFAULT.

  • AI_LEVEL_DEFAULT - Default setting. The game will take over seting the appropriate AI level when required.
  • AI_LEVEL_VERY_LOW - Very Low priority, very stupid, but low CPU usage for AI. Typically used when no players are in the area.
  • AI_LEVEL_LOW - Low priority, mildly stupid, but slightly more CPU usage for AI. Typically used when not in combat, but a player is in the area.
  • AI_LEVEL_NORMAL - Normal priority, average AI, but more CPU usage required for AI. Typically used when creature is in combat.
  • AI_LEVEL_HIGH - High priority, smartest AI, but extremely high CPU usage required for AI. Avoid using this. It is most likely only ever needed for cutscenes.

  • Return type: void
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn