Djinni Wiki

In order to set a placeable on a location use the fourth icon on the left side of the toolbar.


In order to select a specific placeable to set, click on the black triangle visible on its right side. A list of elements to arrange should appear. If the needed placeable is not included in the list, click on the Select New Placeable template and choose the file that contains it.


The selected placeable should follow the cursor now. Choose the place on location and set the placeable by clicking the left mouse button. Now, if you wish, you can set other placeables. If you don’t like the current setting, you can always move/rotate the placeable (respectively, the second and the third icon on the toolbar)


When the first one is clicked on (Move) and an object on the location has been chosen, three lines of different colors are going to appear by the object.


You can move the object along its axis by clicking and holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor on the screen.

The next icon (Rotate) is used to rotate the object. When you’ve chosen this icon and the object, three perpendicular to one another circles are going to appear on the screen.


You can rotate the object by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the object. The setting of other object on locations goes almost exactly the same as in the case of placeables. The only difference is that you have to choose the respective object category on the location editor bar (Waypoint, Spawnopoint, Item, Actionpoit, Sound, Startpoint). Only the setting of triggers is more complicated (described separately).