Hi guys,

I really do appreciate your work! So don't feel annoyed by my remark:

3ds MAX is afaik a 3500 € tool. Noone will spend so much money for doing some "amateur" modding.

edit: okay, I used the 30 days trial version with the twMax plugin. Importing *.mdb works well. (Exported as .wavefront and .3ds for use with gmax/blender.)

Wouldn't it make more sense to explain how to export models to the D'jinni - adventure editor using gmax 1.2 or blender for example?

edit: Hmm, Triss model doesn't "look" very well in gmax 1.2. In blender a little bit better; but additional fragments have to be deleted. Ok, convinced; 29 days left to convert 2541 mdbs...;-)

Is there a way to edit *.mdb files using D'jinni?

I can load them but there seems no way to edit them. There's a menu entry "save *.mdb" but that seems to make no sense if you can't edit the *.mdb?

-- 07:44, 12 May 2009 (UTC)shak-otay

No, D'jinni hasn't abillities to 3d models. You have do it in 3ds Max. You can use Blender, but you'll use some things in export to 3ds, like aurabase. 12:47, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

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