Djinni Wiki

function TeleportAndTalk (object oTarget, string sDialogResRef = "", int bStartWithFade = TRUE, string sScriptOnEnd = "", string sScriptOnStart = "", int bEndsWithBlackscreen = 0)

Move the NPC to the location of the player and initiate the conversation. In my experience, does not work across region boundaries - the NPC must already be in the same region as the player.

  • oTarget - the non-player character object
  • sDialogResRef - the (file name of the) conversation to use.
  • bStartWithFade - pretty dim at the beginning, during which the NPC moves to the player, you need to set FALSE, if you do not want. If there is another dialogue with the fires or cutscene, bStartWithFade automatically sets the parameter to FALSE
  • sScriptOnEnd - script to run following the conversation.
  • bEndsWithBlackscreen - ustaw, jesli po dialogu ma byc cutscena (nie bedzie migniecia)
  • include: inc_dialog
  • Return type: void
  • Include file: inc_dialog