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Witaj! (<- my polish ends here, mostly...) Yes, Bonssaaay - I´d like to know (maybe also useful as an entry under "resting place") if it´s also possible to let the player character also rest without a previous conversation. I only know fireplaces worked like that ingame, so I thought I´d be clever to study those, but I´m hardly a scripter and a lot of things just go kablooey in my hands. Prolly it´s rather easy to accomplish... maybe not.

Cheerio, answers to this are highly appreciated. Unkreativ 20:36, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

Of course you can. Need to find any fireplace and start fire with Igni sign or flint (if you've one in your inventory). English version of Resting place article sux. 06:31, October 10, 2009 (UTC)
Ah, I guess you misunderstood. I want to use a haybed instead as a resting place and I guess you better do not use igni on this one. The question now is, how this works without using a NPC conversation to do so. Well, the article doesn´t suck, it´s helpful, when you need that conversation for a resting place, but it could be improved with a tutorial how to prepare a resting place without that dialogue or paying a fee to a NPC. This´ somewhat essential - resting.

Btw - in a test I was successful to set up Lambert as a player Character. I just got one problem left - Lambert starts in jail and it´s kinda weird he still got a sword on his back, although I didn´t set this up in the initialise script. Any idea how to get rid of it? ( DestroyObject(GetItemPossessedBy(player, "it_stlswd_002")); works not) The other stuff is mostly allright. 12:15, October 10, 2009 (UTC)

My apologize :) You need just a proper script. Write to this guy, Death13, gameplay programmer from my team.

We developed mod allowing player to change a model using by our game hero. Death will help with that also.

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